Thomas G:son: The new Mr Eurovision

by Tom Espen Hansen 60 views

20 years after Johnny Logan was crowned Mr Eurovision with his second contest win, it would be fair to say that the crown has passed across the North Sea from Ireland to, well Norway! That's where Thomas G:son claimed another first tongiht. Not content with having songs selected in four countries' national finals, tonight he became the first person (we believe) to write both the first and second placed songs in a national final outside their own country!

Thomas G:son arrived at the Oslo Spektrum tonight just ten minutes before the start of the Norwegian national final, the 2007 Melodi Grand Prix. He had been with Jimmy Jansen in Gothemburg working towards a second song in the Melodifestivalen final and took a train to Oslo to be with both Guri and Jannicke who had qualified with his songs.

To win a place in a national final is tough, to be a runner-up is a huge achievement, but to only lose to your own song is perhaps an impossible task, unless you are Thomas G:son. All this after storming to victory in Sweden last year as part of the successful swedish composers on Carola's Evighet/Invincible that finished 4th in the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final and 5th in the final.

Speaking exclusively to after the final in Oslo tonight, Thomas on asking how it feels simply said:

The (short) interview:

Thomas, here we go again…
"Yeah laughs . This is crazy, so crazy".

You looked genuinely shocked this time, how are you feeling?
"I'll tell you when I've figured out what's happening here. This is unbelievable. I can't believe it".

Well, you've won in Norway! and you've managed to (we think) become the first person to come first and second in a national final outside your own country.
"Oh my god, I hadn't even seen, that's great. I'm pleased for her. Actually, I nearly missed it, I only got here ten minutes before the show".

Last week, one of your writing partners, Gerard James Borg won in Malta, so now you'll both be in Helsinki competing! What can you say about that?
"It's gonna be quite a party. I'm not that coherant right now, I am really in shock. I love working with Guri and we'll have a great time in Helsinki".

A word for the readers?
"Take care and please help me understand what's happening here. Thank you everyone that voted for my songs, and I'll see you all soon".

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