Eurovision 2014: The (statistical) Semi-finals Result!

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Eurovision 2014: The (statistical) Semi-finals Result!

It has been a bit more than 24 hours since the participating countries were allocated to the two semifinals, and many fans ask themselves if the mix of countries is good for their country. We are here to give you the answer.


The target of the research is to show the possible voting in the 2014 semifinals depending on the voting in the semi-finals 2008-2013. We have calculated the votes given by each country in its own semifinal (2008-2013) to the countries in its 2014 semifinal. The country that got the highest average of points during the six years, was marked as the one who will get 12 points in 2014. The second highest amount was marked as the 10-pointer, and so on.

Let’s see an example with Estonia, who will take part in the first semifinal this year. A zero means both countries participated at the same semifinal but Estonia did not give them any points. A blank cell means the countries did not meet at the semifinal stage that year.

We can see that Sweden got the highest average (a perfect 12) and was marked as the 12-pointer from Estonia, Russia stands right afterwards with an average of 11 and gets the 10 points, and so on.


  • Keep in mind that the results are based on past votes only.
  • No less than 14 pairs of countries will meet each other in the semi-finals round for the first time this year, along with France that will be able to vote for the first time for Montenegro, so no previous data is available for them.
  • In addition, 7 countries did not manage to award points to 10 different countries from their 2014 semi-final yet, so some points are omitted.


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The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 will take part on May 6, 8 and 10 in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are only at the beginning of the preselections season and most of the entries are yet to be heard, so everything is possible! Stay tuned to for the latest news.

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  • Stian Fikseaunet

    Norway requests the big 3 not to vote at all in this semifinal… haha;) Just kidding… (had to put that in as someone here probably would not have understood the irony)…

  • Steve

    You may as well use these statistics to see who goes through, few countries take the actual song in to consideration these days.

  • Philip Stuart

    These 2 tables don;t follow the format of the estonia example as they don’t use an average but a total of points.