Sahlene: “More nude than I'd thought…”

by Daniel Ringby 361 views

Sahlene took the easiest way to become a famous person. She had pictures of herself published in Swedish male magazine Slitz. “I wouldn't do it again”, Sahlene says.

The combination of sexiness and music seems to be a continuous trend in this year's contest. Last night, Swedish Afro-Dite chose to diss their sensational transparent costumes.

Swedish Sahlene – alias Anna Cecilia Sahlin – has also experienced to have to use her body in return for making a name for herself. Sahlene debuted in a filmatisation of a Swedish children's book. This was in 1986, Sahlene was ten years old and played a neat little girl with rosettes in her hair. But her choice to pose in front of a photographer, having daring pictures taken and becoming a cover girl for Slitz *)was not a drastic attempt to change her image.

It was about quickly attracting attention to her in connection with her attempts of entering the music business.
“I felt I had to do it for the sake of my career, as well as I'd have pretty nice pictures of myself”, Sahlene tells us.
“Sadly, things got a bit more stripped and nude than I'd initially thought they would.”

Today, Sahlene is a well-established name within Swedish pop industry, and by being one of the favourites at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, Sahlene may soon have her international breakthrough if she wins tonight. Without showing overwhelmingly much skin.

“Being sexy is not just about stripping. It comes from within – you have to expose self-confidence and self-esteem”, Sahlene explains. When asked whether she would be in a porn magazine again, she says no. “I've done it once, and that's enough “

(Please note: Slitz is not a porn magazine. It is a magazine for men and contains articles on a variety of themes. Daring pictures are only one element. Author's comment)

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