Draw results: winners of the 10 Cypriot CDs

by Michalis Vranis 82 views

Durring the two Eurovision weeks, esctoday.com gave the chance to its’ readers to participate in our give aways. The Cypriot delegation shared 10 signed CDs of their participation to give them away to our readers.

Despina Olympiou performed her song An me thymasai in the first semi-final on Tuesday 14 May.


The Winners

The 10 lucky winners of the Cypriot CDs are the following (this is their Facebook name):

  1. Sami Luukela
  2. Marko Tubli
  3. Pacha Haukdal
  4. Martin Zich
  5. Sándor Mádi
  6. Adriána Filipová
  7. Craig Stoddart
  8. Miłosz Kuczyński
  9. Charlton Pace
  10. Ričardas Petrauskas

Directions to the winners

The 10 winners above must send their real name and surname as well as their postal address to win@esctoday.com with the subject ‘Cypriot CDs‘.

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