Bookies Roundup: Are these tonight’s winners?

by Richard West-Soley 5,520 views

Kate Miller-Heidke’s gravity-defying climb with the bookmakers continues, as Australia nudges Russia down to take the bookies’ third favourite position today.

Odds on “Zero Gravity” shortened as soon as the first semifinal show had finished, and have continued to tighten in the meantime. Although it is still possible to catch odds as good as 10 on an Australian win (Unibet, 888Sport), the majority of bookies are now offering around 7-8.

There is just a hair’s breadth separating Oz from Russia’s Sergey Lazarev, with Sweden’s John Lundvik feeling the heat from both as the current second.

Dutch courage

It still appears that nobody can catch the Netherlands, enjoying even more shortening today. If the trend continues, punters will be lucky just to double their money on a Dutch win as the odds pass evens across aggregated bookies. Could Duncan Laurence be on track to bag the country’s first victory since 1975?

In any case, tonight will be the first test for three of the current top five favourites to win, with Netherlands, Sweden and Russia leading the pack in To Qualify markets. On Tuesday, the bookies managed to hit eight of ten with their predictions. If that form is anything to go by, tonight’s results could look a little like this:

1. Russia
2. Sweden
3. Netherlands
4. Azerbaijan
5. Switzerland
6. Malta
7. Norway
8. North Macedonia
9. Armenia
10. Denmark

11. Albania
12. Romania
13. Lithuania
14. Austria
15. Moldova
16. Croatia
17. Latvia
18. Ireland

As on Tuesday, the country that the odds position as most likely to pass from the semifinal is not the same as the most likely to win on Saturday!

How will the bookies’ top runners fare this evening? What shocks and surprises can we expect? Let us know in the comments!