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by Gafurr Sahiti 270 views had the opportunity to interview the young and talented Albanian singer, Elhaida Dani who will debut at the 50th edition of Festivali i Këngës. At the moment, Elhaida is the most promising singer from Albania, having won the talent show Star Academy. Besides this important prize that has opened her the doors of the music industry, Elhaida won the newcomers category in the Balkan music festival Suncane Skale in Montenegro.

Hello Elhaida.  First of all, can you tell us something about yourself?

I am Elhaida Dani, 18 years old from the city of Shkodra. Music has always been my passion and so my parents decided to send me to the music school “Prenke Jakova”  to study piano. During my education I have participated in many local concerts and cultural activities of the city. Then later I took part at the talent show “Star Academy” where  I won the first place and everything started here for me.  After my participation at the talent show I released my first song called Si asnjëherë which brought so much luck. Later I released two more songs  Fjala e fundit & Vetmia . This year I have been focused only on my music career. Currently I’m working on two new songs along with video clips.

Recently you have been part of several music competitions in the Balkan area. Can you tell us something about this experience?

My participation at these song festivals was a great experience . I have never experienced such  emotions during a competition. It’s a wonderful feeling when you are being judged  on voice and talent from the jury in a foreign country, especially when the competition is very professional.

This is the first time you are taking part at Festivali i Këngës, the show that selects the Albanian representative at Eurovision?  Why did you decide to take part at this festival?

Indeed, this is my first time I’m taking part in this festival what coincides with the 50th jubilee of the festival. I hope this combination will bring me luck. Participation in this festival is something that every Albanian singer should do. This is the only traditional competition which has brought the best artists in the Albanian music scene. I also can’t deny the adrenaline for the Eurovision Song Contest, which is an extra incentive.

With what kind of song are you going to participate at the festival? Can you tell us something about your song and about the collaboration with the songwriters?

I’m going to  compete with a ballad that is dedicated to our beloved people who for various reasons cannot not live close by or aren’t living anymore. The lyricist is my professor at the Star Academy,  Sokol Marsi. The composer Endri Sina is the man behind the music. I would like to thank them a lot for collaboration.

The 50th anniversary edition of Festivali i Këngës seems  to be a strong competition with many big names. One of the competitors will be the champion Frederick Ndoci who has represented Albania at  Eurovision 2007. Do you feel competition pressure?

For me it would be a pleasure to take part in the 50th annual national festival alongside big names from the Albanian music. Competition in our profession is like a soundtrack. In every competition there is only one song that wins the first prize but history has shown that the beautiful songs remain. I hope the best song will win.

How do you prepare for  your performance at Festivali i Këngës.  Will you have any surprises for us?

Ahhh this is a surprise! I’m working for a great performance and a representation of  myself as well!

Do you usually follow the Eurovision?

Yes, I have always watched it.

What do you think about the Albanian representatives at Eurovision?

Great artists have represented us at Eurovision.

Do you have any message for esctoday readers?

First of all I would like to thank you for the interview.   I am very grateful and I hope the readers of the site will grow day after day because it’s a very interesting site.

The team of  would like to thank Elhaida for the interview and wishes her good luck at Festivali i Këngës .


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