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esctoday’s head of Press Sanjay Jiandani interviewed the Spanish representative Pastora Soler shortly before her departure for Azerbaijan. Find out what she told us below.


1. How did you feel when you were selected to represent Spain at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest? Have you been following the Eurovision Song Contest before?

At first, I felt very afraid, it’s a great responsibility for me but then I felt happy and very excited!

I haven’t been very follower of Esc in the last years but I remember I always followed Eurovision when I was a girl.


2. Tell us about your song Quedate Conmigo. How did you get the song? What is the story behind this song? What is the song about?

Quedate Conmigo is a magical ballad. A song that really touches my heart when I sing it. It’s both fragile and strong. It lyrics are simple but very deep, about the importance of forgiveness, being able to say I’m sorry before it’s too late.. Its melody and  musical growth is magical and exciting!

The Spanish author, Tony Sanchez-Ohlsson sent me this song in January and I felt in love since I listened it the first time!


3. What does it mean for you to represent Spain in Baku?


It’s a great responsibility but is a great opportunity for me and for my music. I have the love and support of my country and that is my greatest motivation!


4. What do you know about Baku and Azerbaijan?

I’m studying about Azerbaijan and Baku. It’s a country in Western Asia located near the Caspian sea. Azerbaijan has a ancient  and historic cultural heritage. Baku is a cosmopolitan city very beautiful! I hope to have free time to know it!


5. Could you please enlighten us about the staging of your song in Baku? How will your performance be staged on the 26th of May?

I only can say of my staging that I will have five backing singers with me on the stage and that I will sing with my heart, I think the most important thing is to convey the felling of the song to the audience!


6. Have you heard any of the other competing songs at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest? If so which are your favorites and which do you think could be your rivals on May 26th?

I think that all the representatives could be my rivals..All the songs and the singers are very good this year! I have heard all the songs and I think the level is very high! My favorites  are Sweden, Italy and Denmark songs.


7. Has your life changed since you were announced as the 2012 Spanish Eurovision representative? If so in what ways?

Yes, my live has changed because I don’t stop. I am combining my tour in Spain with all the Eurovision preparatives. But the better is how I fell the support of the people.


8. What are your future plans? What do you have in store after the Eurovision Song Contest?

When I’ll come back of Baku I’ll start my summer tour around Spain, the 7th of June will be the first concert. I would like to go to America after the summer to promote my music there.


9. Will you be releasing Quedate Conmigo in any other countries apart from Spain?

I would like to release Quedate conmigo in Europa and  in America  and  I want to record a English version too.


10. Are you aware of the fact that you are among the Top 10 in the European betting polls? You are also among the Eurovision fan favourites? How do you feel about this and about the fact that your song is quite popular and appreciated all over Europe?

This is a wonderful new for me! I’m filled with illusion that the song is supported and appreciated in Europa but  this s is a  great responsibility too because the most important thing is to enhance the song in live performance the 26th of May in Baku.


12. A big surprise for the 26th of May will be your outfit: Could reveal us more about your dress and designer? Will be you promoting Spanish fashion in Baku?

My dress will be a surprise too, I only can tell you that it’s of a Spanish designer.


13. The Eurovision Song Contest is a great mechanism to showcase yourself internationally. Do you think it will help you cross frontiers and showcase your music, talent and songs overseas?

Yes,of course! It is the best opportunity to promote my music around the world  because Esc is followed from anywhere in the world not only Europe. If not for Esc would probably not be heard ever so many millions of persons!


14. Have you spoken to any of the former Spanish Eurovision representatives? Have they given you any advice for Baku?

Yes, I have received the support of many spanish Eurovision representatives, as Sergio Dalma, Rosa, Soraya.. They have given me the best advice, enjoy the experience!!


15. We would like to thank you for this interview and wish you good luck on May the 26th in Baku.. Could you please send a message to all our readers around Europe. What message would you like to give ESCTODAY readers?

Thank you very much for the support of all the Esctoday readers..It’s very very important to reach Baku full of energy! I send you many kisses!

Enjoy the show!!!!