New backvocals for 'Runaway'

by Jarmo Siim 51 views

The backvocals of Runaway, Kaire Vilgats and Dagmar Oja were replaced by Swedish musicians, because they didn't suit with the song's image.

Sahlene told that it was her and the song makers' decition and it has nothing to do with different nations. They were just looking for backvocals who can also play a music instrument and this kind of female backsingers are hard to find in Estonia.

Kaire Vilgats said that she has no idea why they were replaced, but she will still perform at the stage of the ESC 2002 as a backvocal for the Maltese song '7th Wonder' together with Liisi Koikson.

Sahlene, will give a concert in Tallinn today in the Tammsaare park.
She will perform with a band. She will also sing the final version of 'Runaway'.

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