Eurovision interviews: Despina Olympiou “The world is your oyster”

by Stella Floras 331 views

In our series of interviews of 2013 Eurovision Song Contest participants we land next in Nicosia, Cyprus to chat with Despina Olympiou who will be performing her love song An me thymasai at slot #14 in the first semi final on 14 May. 

Can you please tell us a bit about your song, An me thymasai? What is it about?

My song is about someone who has loved and lost. It’s a beautiful ballad that brings forth emotions we have all felt at one time or another.

Since you are singing in Greek a language not spoken by the majority of the viewers, what do you think is the most important means to convey the feeling of An me thymasai to them?

I honestly believe that music is an international language and an artist can convey feelings and emotions through their interpretation.

What are you planning for your stage presentation in Malmo? Who are you working with for that?

I think that the strongest performance for my song is to sing it with all my heart and soul. As far as the atmosphere of the song is concerned, I think the technical support of lights correctly blending with the music, will be more than enough. Nevertheless the stage presentation is up to CYBC’s director Klitos Klitou, whom I trust, in cooperation of course with the Swedish director.

Is there something in particular you will take with you on stage, a lucky charm or maybe a feeling to draw strength from when it’s time to perform for Europe?

I am one of those people who keep little gifts from loved ones and from special moments in time. I will have some of these cherished objects with me in Malmo to bring me good luck.

Cyprus has been on the news all over the world lately due to the crisis. Will the latest developments affect your participation in any way?

The truth is that psychologically my people are going through a very trying time. We are also very proud people and we will persevere. As far as Eurovision is concerned, I have not been informed of any changes and my team and I will keep on working in order to achieve the best possible results even if we don’t have the funds for all our needs of production and promotion.

The shoot of the official video of your song became somewhat an ordeal due to an accident you had. What happened? How did you manage to come through?

During the shooting of my official video clip I had an accident and injured my leg muscle. As a result I have been undergoing a daily and painful physiotherapy so that I will be able to get better and catch up with all that I’d left behind the last month.

Have you heard any of the other entries this year? Any favourites?

Yes , I have heard all the entries and surely have favorites, such as Austria , the Netherlands, Armenia , Russia, Ukraine  and Norway.

There is a version of An me thymasai in Spanish, will there be more versions in other languages maybe?

We will record an English version as well.

Do you have a message you wish to send the readers?

When we raise our glasses in Cyprus we always say “Good health” , this is something we wish to everyone because this is what we consider the most important thing in life. Sο, I wish you all good health and after that “the world is your oyster “ .

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