Antique: new video and scandal ?

by Sietse Bakker 363 views

The Greek participants from “Antique” presented their new video. Together with this, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet wrote about a possible scandal in Greece ! “The whole voting procedure and the contest were fixed”, one of the other Greek contestans called after the show…

The audience of the show left when this was said and there were no people but Antique representatives when the song was performed for the second time. Antique stated that “everything van be bought in Greece, even contests”. Nikos from Antique also said that “the contest was half televoted, and we can”t fix that”. Even if the contest was fixed, it seems that Antique did not had any influence.

Kostas Klimis, webmaster of Eurovision Greece, reacted on this news: “In every contest some one will be the winner and always the others will be the loose. Now in Greek final, here is how ERT decide to make the final, the votes was 50% from jury and 50% from televoting (they said that the televoting will tell us the winner) so the televoting results was 45% Antique, they was number one in televoting and the in the jury results was second”. The president (mister George Katsaros) from ERT said that “The winner is Antique because they take more votes from any other and the voters want them”…

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