Bishop faces fine after Eurovision rage

by Sietse Bakker 48 views

Not the most important newsitem of the year, but still entertaining! This year's Eurovision Song Contest was too much to handle for the Protestant bishop of Stockholm. Annoyed by the loud radio of her neighbours, she entered their apartment and turned it off.

On 21st May, the day of the final, the neighbors of Caroline Krook, a top official within the Swedish Protestant church, were outside their flat and had turned up the volume of their radio to listen to the final songs. Krook knocked on their door asking them to lower the volume a bit, but receiving no answer, she quickly slipped inside through the unlocked door and turned the radio off.

The neighbours came inside to see what had happened, catching the bishop on the stairs, who promptly remonstrated them and said she was the culprit. “I screamed really loud but nobody responded, so I did something really stupid: I went inside and pulled the plug”, she said to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Krook now risks a fine for breaking and entering, after her not-so-forgiving neighbours filed a complaint with the police. What the Eurovision Song Contest can make people do…

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