News in brief

by Benny Royston 101 views

To keep you updated on some of the other things that are happening in and around the Eurovision Song Contest village in Kyiv, here's some extra news bites…

Ruslana arrived at the EuroClub bar to perform. She will be hosting her Charity concert tomorrow night.

Romanian performed on the big stage in the courtyard of the Eurovision Village with pyrotechnics to dazzle the on-looking crowd.

The recording of the opening sequence of the Eurovision Song Contest broadcast was made last night using a crane that took a day to build.

Shiri Maimon from Israel arrived at the EuroClub nightclub at 1:30, having earlier sung at a special memorial service at Babi Yam for the 100,000 Jews and other groups murdered there in 1942.

Glam from Wigwam arrived directly from the Ballet and set about enjoying himself, chatting with fans and making many more new friends and fans.

Laura arrived without the lovers, spending time chilling in the restaurant bar with members of the Lithuanian delegation.

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