Belarus Big Bash Party

by Benny Royston 206 views

Last night Angelica Agurbash hosted one of the most extravagant parties the Eurovision Song Contest circuit has ever seen. With full costume Belarusian folk band 'Byaseda', the most popular folk group in Belarus, native music, traditional food and drinks, Angelica wooed the crowd with a stunning stage performance, dancing with the fans and giving plenty of interviews. As queues to get into the event, held in the EuroClub nightclub on the 4th floor of the Eurovision Village, stretched down two floors, got exclusive access to all areas to bring you all the news and footage. Check out our video reports and photo galleries on our home page now.

The Agurbash bash was well publicised by the Belarus delegation and the marketing worked a treat, with crowds swelling outside the venue to get a peak at the would-be Queen of this year�s Eurovision Song Contest. The Belarus delegation wore traditional headdresses, welcoming guests and ensuring a good night was enjoyed by all as the free flowing Berezovaya and Vyasksovaya vodas were in full flow.

Amongst the guests were plenty of this year�s Eurovision Song Contest participants, including Helena Paparizou from Greece, Glennis Grace from the Netherlands, Marian van der Wal of Andorra, Natalia Podolskaya of Russia, Martin Vucic from FYR Macedonia, Glam from Norway�s Wig Wam and Sabine Stieger from Austria�s Global.Kryner.

Angelica found time to move around the party, talking to press and journalists before taking to the stage to perform two songs in her native Belarus language She sang Kupalinka and Chamu mne ne pets. She left the crowd dazzled with a fantastic vocal performance. As the crowd screamed for more, Angelica left the stage to take part in some native Belarusian dancing with the her guests. They joined hands to form a chain, moving around the dancefloor, before she broke out to spend more time with waiting journalists.

Later in the evening, Angelica returned to the stage to give the crowd the performance that they had been waiting for, Love me tonight . The song is getting into people�s heads here, and the performance in the club was again strong. The guests kept the dance floor fully occupied, enjoying the performance and enjoying themselves. Angelica then once again left the stage to a huge round of applause to dance again with fans and journalists.

Later in the evening, she relaxed and took time to sit and enjoy drinks and girlie talk with some of the other leading ladies of Eurovision, including Elena of Greece, Glennis of the Netherlands and Natalija of Russia. Shiri from Israel arrived later on.

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