Bulgaria second rehearsal

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The second rehearsal of Bulgaria took place this afternoon at the Palats Sportu, Kaffe singing Lorraine. Lead singer Orlin Pavlov, is joined backed by two guitarists, one keyboard player, one drummer and one on trumpet. It is a very relaxed, laid back performance, with no gimmicks. In fact the only small gimmick involved in the song, is that when the trumpet player is involved, the platform he is on, rises higher.

Press conference

The first question raised at the press conference, asked how they had felt when they had first heard a song of their's played on the radio. As the different group members, all had different careers, before joining together, this had obviously happened at different times to each other, but they had been excited and happy, on that first occasion.

The last few years had seen uptempo songs win the contest, with several gimmicks, Lorraine was in a marked contrast, so might this not be a risk? The topic had been raised before, but they hope that good quality music will win, and that it will make a change.

A few questions were raised about the music scene in Bulgaria, and what were the most popular channels? MTV was the popular channel for music in Bulgaria, but they hope as the music scene changes it will get better. In Bulgaria it is pop and disco that everyone likes , along with some special popular folk music, of course Kaffe are well known too! Their music is typical of what young people like today.

What had they been up to so far in Kyiv? Well, they have had lots of fun, walking around the city, and they nearly took a boat trip, but realised that they had quite a lot of work to do instead.
Some of them had spent some time in the fitness centre, in the gym, and jokingly Orlin tried to show off his biceps.

The video that was shot for Lorraine had lots of rain, so weren't they cold when they filmed it? Yes, it was -7 degrees, it had been very tough, rainy and cold. It was shot over two days at one of their airports, but they had drunk lots of vodka.

As the very first ever entrants to represent Bulgaria, how did they feel, and what did they want to say to their fans, who want them to win. “We hope that the Bulgarian population is voting with their hearts, and that they are wishing us a lot of luck. We promised them that we are going to win. We are representing our country, to say be with us on the 19th, we are sure that being with us will help us and the good energy will come to us!”

The photo session concluded the conference. Kaffe appear on stage next at the first dress rehearsal on Wednesday 18th May at 15.00 local time.

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