Estonia's second rehearsal and press conference

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Estonian girl band Suntribe had their second rehearsal and press conference today.


As any other participant, they got to sing their song three times. And they all were overwhelming. Where the performance and Eurolaul left more of a chaotic impression, this has now evolved to an interesting organised anarchy.

Suntribe's performance would be best described as a combination of “highschool girls dance moves” and “70's and 80's routines” inspired by Grease and Saturday Night Fever. After each performance, the girls seemed to get happier and more into their song.

Press Conference

Each one of the members of the band was asked what made them go into the music industry. Their answers varied from various variations of music having been in their lives for as long as they can remember to Laura's statement that “singing is the only thing I can do better than somebody else” and Daana saying that she just loves music.

Girl bands tend to have a very short life as a band. In reaction to this Rebecca said that “The spice girls needed to quit because of their wrinkles”, while Jaanika believed that girl bands can live as long as there's enough fun in the band.

The band's name was made up by Sven Lõhmus, their producer who's also the genius behind Vanilla Ninja. According to the girls, it represents their love for the band and the way they stick together as a tribe. A tribe which has no specific rules, nor a leader. The only way to join the tribe, however, is through the Fan Club.

When they were asked for their opinion about the stage, their reaction came down to “we love the stage”. Estonian Head of Delegation Juhan Paadam, Executive Producer of the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest had more to tell. He told the audience that this is the best stage he's seen in his long Eurovision career. As an example, he said that there is 3 times as much lightning equipment than back in 2002 when Estonia hosted the contest. In general, he added, it's just “so much better”.

Suntribe's members are not yet satisfied with their performance, as there are always things open for improvement. They think, however, that it was already a lot better than the first rehearsal.

About their competition with Switzerland's Estonian girl band Vanilla Ninja they let everybody know that they hope that both participants will do very good. Juhan Paadam added that “Estonia is now exporting fish and girl bands”.

After the questions were asked Laura gave a stunning performance of her solo entry to 2005 Eurolaul Moonwalk, followed by a group performance of Saaremaa Valss and of course their own song Let's get Loud. During the photo opportunity they set in with Wig Wam's “Come on, Come on ..” which, unfortunately, wasn't continued.

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