First rehearsals for Masha and Pasha

by roel 93 views

Maria Efrosinina (Masha), who replaces Ruslana as the female host of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, and Pavlo Shylko (DJ Pasha) rehearsed in the Palats Sportu for a first time last night.

Until now we hadn't seen the stage in its full combat readiness. But what we did see was impressive. It is even better than the computer mock-up that I saw,” said DJ Pasha. Both hosts are certain that the show will be incredibly bright, beautiful and explosive.

Hosting the Eurovision Song Contest requires an incredible exact timing as the broadcast schedule is worked out down to the second. Just a week ago Masha was told that she would be the host of this year's contest, replacing Ruslana.

Masha is now assiduously working on her role. “Besides working for hours in the Palats Sportu, I spend all my free time working on my role at home, and striving to maximally adapt it for myself,” Masha explains.

Today the first rehearsals for the opening with Masha and DJ Pasha took place. Boxing champion Volodymyr Klytschko, who'll make a guest appearance at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, applauded from the audience.

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