Palats Sportu scene is getting ready

by Sietse Bakker 2,165 views

With only one day to go before the first rehearsals for this year's Eurovision Song Contest start, hundreds of people in and around the venue are finishing their preparations. Within the upcoming hours, most semifinal delegations will be arriving at Kyiv's airport, Boryspol.

Palats Sportu
Inside the hall, the interval act has been rehearsed and apart from some latest finishing touches, the venue is ready for tomorrow's rehearsals. Outside, things are getting more and more busy with cars coming and leaving, delivering refreshments, coffee machines and promotion material. Others are building the so-called Eurovision Village, where fans and journalists can gather to relax a bit.

Walking distance
Just like in 2003, it's a small walk from the venue to the press working area. A disappointment for the journalists working alone, except for those who are eager to lose some weight. Right inbetween the press working area and the venue itself, the Eurovision Village and the catering facilities are located. The distance between the press working area and the catering facilities is relatively small, while inside the working area a small relaxation area is located where hard-working journalists can sit down and relax.

Press bags
At this moment, volunteers are filling the information bags for journalists and delegates. The volunteers will be present during the whole period to support the press and the delegations working at the press centre.


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