Luminita & Sistem ask NTU to make up their mind

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Once in Kyiv, Luminita Anghel and Sistem will ask host broadcaster NTU to make up their mind. The Romanian representatives are disappointed with NTU's decision to forbid the use of pyrotechnic effects inside the Palats Sportu in order to guarantee safety. A decision which the Romanian delegation has been informed about eight days before their departure to Kyiv.

It's true that the interdiction for pyrotechnic effects came a little too late” the Romanian delegation says in a reaction to”Eight days before our departure to Kyiv, when the concept for our show was ready, but there are not only pyrotechnics in the Sistem show.” The Romanian delegation submitted the details of the stage performance at the Head of Delegation meeting in Kyiv on 21st and 22nd March.

The pyrotechnic effects the Romanian representatives created for their act include flames on the barrels. “There's a special gel we are using that is burning very fast and complete and maybe we will use the hand held sanders to create sparks.

Luminita & Sistem do not understand why pyrotechnics should be forbidden in the Palats Sportu as Sistem have used them many times before in similar circumstances, like at the Romanian MTV Awards and at the Golden Stag Festival. “We have also used them in the studio of the Romanian Television during the national final and it was completely safe!

Nevertheless Luminita & Sistem still feel confident and they believe that they will be able to change NTU's mind in Kyiv. “We will show the organisers what it's all about and we will help them to make the right decision. We have to tell you that the Ukrainian authorities have been very supportive until now with everything we needed, including the transportation of the barrels which was not the most simple thing.

With or without pyrotechnic effects, Luminita Anghel & Sistem will be taking part in the semifinal of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest on 19th May in Kyiv.

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