Helena Paparizou favourite of OGAE Malta

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OGAE Malta has voted for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest entries, and predicts Greece to win. NOX from Hungary finished second, the Romanian participants Luminita & Sistem finished third. All voters were allowed to vote in Eurovision style for all entries, except their own Maltese one.

The top 10 in the final according to OGAE Malta:

1. Greece (87 points)
2. Hungary (58 points)
3. Romania (52 points)
4. Iceland (51 points)
5. Switzerland (43 points)
6. Sweden (35 points)
7. United Kingdom (30 points)
8. Cyprus (29 points)
9. the Netherlands (28 points)
10. Serbia & Montenegro (23 points)

Turkey, Ukraine and Russia finished with nil points in the final.

The top 10 in the semifinal according to OGAE Malta:

1. Hungary
2. Romania
3. Iceland
4. Switzerland
5. the Netherlands
6. Belarus (11th in the final)
7. Estonia (14th in the final)
8. Norway (16th in the final)
9. Croatia (17th in the final)
10. Israel (18th in the final)

Portugal, Moldova, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Monaco and Latvia finished with nil points in the semifinal.

'Chiara to finish between the 2nd and 5th place'

Meanwhile OGAE Malta organised a poll asking the Maltese to predict the result to be reached by Chiara. 50% of the voters believe Chiara will reach a position between the 2nd and the 5th place. 10% of the voters believe in a Maltese victory.

Chiara will be participating in the final of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest on 21st May in Kyiv.

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