Short news from Kyiv

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In two weeks we will know the winner of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest and thus next year's host country. Meanwhile Kyiv is still preparing for the upcoming contest. Here's the latest news from Kyiv…

Kyiv will be manipulating the weather during the Eurovision Song Contest week. By shooting the rain clouds above the city, Kyiv wants to ensure sunny weather the whole week long. The technology is based on shooting clouds with special munition, including a substance encouraging the condensation of water. In practice, this means that the rain will fall outside Kyiv.

Several VIP guests have already confirmed that they will be attending the Eurovision Song Contest. Among them the Premier of Albania, a member of the British Royal Family and the Minister of Tourism of Greece. It is expected that the contest will also be visited by the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine.

The press centre in Kyiv will open its doors on 12th May, one day later than innitially planned.

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