Kaffe fear Finnish, Belgian and Greek songs

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After a European tour, the Bulgarian representatives Kaffe are preparing for the upcoming contest. In Kyiv Orlin, Georgi, Milen, Valeri, Martin and Vesselin want to put their first step towards an international breakthrough.

There are many slow songs among those that entered the Eurovision Song Contest this year,” Orlin, the frontman of Kaffe says. “We do hope that more priority will be given to the quality of the music and less to the showman's skills of the performers.

Kaffe believe that the Eurovision Song Contest took an important turn this year: less pure show and dance acts and more music. The Bulgarian representatives are still convinced that the live performance at the contest is of great importance, as the emotional impact on the audience can be unpredictably strong.

Kaffe distinguish their rivals. “Our main rival is dancing as we rely entirely on the high-quality European music that we make, with no dance. Politics are also involved – over the last four years the winner was picked on political not professional grounds, but that seems to be inevitable.” Kaffe see the Finnish representative Geir Rönning, the Belgian singer Nuno Resende and the Greek Helena Paparizou as their 'real rivals' in Kyiv.

Kaffe has made a small promotion tour, bringing them to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Cyprus, Greece and the Balkans. “Every time we perform 'Lorraine' abroad, both the music and the video clip are very well accepted by the audience thanks to the good vision, good music and huge investments funneled into the project,” says the manager of the group.

Nevertheless Kaffe finds it a difficult task to follow the other countries in their way of promoting their entry. Bulgaria makes its debut at the Eurovision Song Contest and has no tradition in promoting and supporting its representative.

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