Stage construction not running smoothly

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The construction of the stage in the Palats Sportu is not running too smoothly. The main problem is the glass covering the stage. The glass turned out to be too dark and thus useless. New and less dark glass was brought in order to reconstruct the stage floor. Check out the photo galleries box on the frontpage which has been updated with pictures from the preparations in the Palats Sportu.

In order to prevent the glass of the stage floor from breaking, as it happened last year in Istanbul when Ruslana hit the stage with her wild dances, the glass to be used this year was given an extra protection layer.

However, the layer turned out to be too protective. The glass floor was too dark and didn't let through the light of the O-lites underneath as it should have. New and less dark glass was brought in order to reconstruct the stage floor.

The wings of the stage and the two side stages still have to be finished. Several projections are still facing difficulties and not all O-lites are working 100% yet. Moreover, the last shipment of O-lites stille has to reach Kyiv.

As the deadline is approaching, the schedule of Spectra + is getting more and more pressured. Or quoting one of the crew members: “If the stage is not completed tomorrow, I guess I have to go out and get a baseball bat!” However, nothing is indicating yet that the deadline will not be reached.

Eurovision Diary

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