What's up with the forum?

by Sietse Bakker 122 views

We already posted a message about it on the frontpage of esctoday.com, but not everyone noticed. What most of you did notice is that the esctoday.com forum is already down for a few days. We'd like to explain you why…

Esctoday.com is a website created by volunteers. The majority of the costs is being covered by generous sponsors and gifts from our members and the team members, for which we are very thankful. The past weeks, it has been difficult to reach the forum due to heavy traffic (which has nothing to do with the amount of topics, like some suggested). The neccesary server capacity for this traffic is currently not available.

We did not feel confortable with the idea that not everyone was able to access the forum, while everyone should be able. To investigate the problems more thoroughly we decided to take the forum offline, until a solid and long-term solution has been found. Currently, there is no extra budget available to instantly enlarge our capacity and thus we are trying other options.

We are working very hard behind the scenes to bring back the forum as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we're still searching for companies to sponsor (in particular) the forum. Companies interested in sponsorship can contact us through info@esctoday.com!

On behalf of the esctoday.com team I apologise for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, we will keep you updated about the situation.

Sietse Bakker
Chief Editor esctoday.com

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