An interview with Helena Paparizou

by Sietse Bakker 56 views

In 2001, she represented Greece under the group name Antique, this year she will do the job on her own! Helena Paparizou represents Greece in the final of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest., and had an interview with her.

Why are you re-entering the Eurovision Song Contest? You already reached a third-place in 2001.

This year I was asked by our Greek State Television (ERT) to represent Greece at the Eurovision contest, which was an honor for me and it was a proposal I couldn't turn down! I was very enthusiastic with the proposal, and my record label company, Sony Music Greece also believed and supported my enthusiasm. Of course it is a risk, but it all comes with the challenge, and without a challenge it wouldn�t be fun!

How comfortable you feel that the first song chosen in Greek selection had more than 66% approval?

I feel very comfortable, for the fact of the matter is that this was the song selected by the Greek audience and that�s all that matters. Whether or not the difference was larger or smaller, I�m very happy that I and the whole event received such love and support from the public.

You have become the official tourism ambassador of EOT, what does this mean to you and how are you going to promote the Greek tourism through the Eurovision Song Contest?

It is an honor for me to be the ambassador of Greece for the Greek Ministry of Tourism. To tell you the truth, I've always been an unofficial ambassador to Greece, everywhere I go, I always boast about Greece. I don�t feel like I have a new job, if you know what I mean, because its always a pleasure to promote Greece, and all Greeks have the tendency to do so when they travel abroad. Foreigners are always mesmerized by descriptions of Greece, especially when it comes to our unique culture and mentality. I've been living in Greece permanently for the past three years, and prior to that I was somewhat of a tourist myself.

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