Romanian finalists announced

by Sietse Bakker 84 views

According to our Romanian correspondent, the finalists are announced. Out of 176 songs, 18 were chosen.

Froma first jury, each song could get a maximum of 5 points.

Nicola � 5p. Nicola�s debut was a few years ago when she won at Mamaia National Song Festival. She also participates at 2000 ESC. She sings pop-dance with influence from hip-hop, R&B and oriental music and I think that she can be great in Estonia.
The title of the song is “Mustafa” � which is a Turkish name.

Vank � 5p. Vank is a group that sings British pop misogynist songs or comical songs. They sound a little bit like Taxi so I don�t think they are a great choice for ESC.

Class � 4p. Class debut was in 1996 at Romanian ESC with “Raspuns” = “Answer” which was then a great hit. They didn�t make it to the ESC but I think they are the best in Romania because there sound is very modern (pop-dance) and they are one of the most professional bands in my country. The drummer from Sfinx Experience is the father of 2 Class members.
Sfinx Experience � 4p. Sfinx Exp. is one of the oldest Romanian bands which is very professional but they don�t have much success in public.

Proconsul � 4p. Proconsul's song “Cerul” = “The Sky” was rejected at ESC 2000 and it wasn�t broadcasted in Romanian radios or TV, but then it won a few Romanian festival and became the best song ever heard. I can�t wait to hear what they made for the 2002 contest.

Monica Anghel & Marcel Pavel � 4p. Monica Anghel was not elected in pre-selection for the 1996 ESC in Oslo. The duo has the greatest voices.

B Brothers � 4p. BB is maybe one of the coolest bands in Romania (it is a duo of 2 brothers). They sing pop music just like *Nsync and I think they are one of the best in the contest.

Alina Sorescu � 3p. Alina is the “Romanian Britney Spears”.

Spitalul de urgenta � 3p. Spitalul de urgenta (=E.R.) makes music with influences from balcanic music, British pop and American rock. They are like Blink 182 in America.

No Comment � 2p. No Comment is a duo, which can create a big surprise here and maybe in Estonia.

Voltaj � 2p. Voltaj is a rock band with very modern sounds; they won one of the 2001 awards of the Mamaia National Song Festival.

Valahia � 2p. Valahia were almost a winner in 2000 ESC with the greatest song in contest. But after many problems in organization the winner was unfair decided to be Taxi.

Kappa � 2p. I don�t know anything. I think it is a debut.

Candy & Gaz pe foc � 2p. Candy is a girl trio with great voices and Gaz pe foc is a male trio, which had many greatest hits. They all look very good and sexy.

Gianina & Quartz � 1p. Gianina is a TVR show hostess and she was invited last year to sing with rock group Quartz. They did it very well.

Krypton � 1p. Krypton is a rock group. They are very popular because of ballads.

Sfinx Experience & Laurentiu Niculescu � 1p.
Luminita Anghel � 1p. Luminita is one of the 90�s great voices.

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