EMA scandal becomes soap opera

by Sietse Bakker 205 views

It started with televoting problems, it turned out to a scandalous situation. The Slovenian Eurovision fans are talking about a scandal, some insist on a disqualification for their country.

What actually happened is not very clear, but it appeared that due to problems with the televoting, another song won the contest than the song that should have won.

According to unconfirmed statements, a majority of the televoters voted for Karmen. A jury majority voted for Sestre, but due to a technical problem the televoting results could not be counted with the final results. If those results would have been counted, not Sestre bu Karmen would have won the Slovenian EMA.

All those problems resulted in a dramatic situation. It was said that Karmen left stage angry and crying, screaming she would “never even concider to participate in the EMA again” in front of the broadcaster's building. The teams behind both songs got into a fight with eachother and even an ambulance appeared, but noby was seriously injured.

Slovenian fans are speaking about a scandal, others think the whole story is blowed up. However the whole thruth might never become clear, we can conclude the thruth is always somewhere in the middle…

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