Sestre for Slovenia, not without problems

by Wouter van Vliet 596 views

After two voting round from the jury, it became clear Sestre (Sisters) would represent Slovenia on the Eurovision Song contest in May this year. Due to some technical problems, the televoting results were not counted.

Sestre will represent Slovenia with the song 'Samo Ljubezen', which means 'Only love'. The act, performed by three men as travestites, can be sure of some huge media attention on the way to May 25.

The Slovenian final EMA 2002 was not without problems this year. However not confirmed officially, it was said that the writers of the winning song were involved in a fight with the team behind second placed song '�e in �e', performed by Karmen Stavec. An ambulance was called and appeared on the scene, but nobody was seriously injured. It's also said that Karmen Stavec run away from the contest and announced she will “not even consider entering EMA again”.

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