United Kingdom: The battle for votes

by Gordon Roxburgh 89 views

With just a few days to go before the United Kingdom final “Making Your Mind Up” on Saturday 5th March, it appears that the three female soloists are leading the way in generating publicity for their respective entries and for those all important public votes.

As we reported earlier on esctoday.com, Gina G made an appearance at G-A-Y Club at The Astoria in London on Saturday 26th February, where the event was a sell out, as she sung live, with her first club appearance in Britain for two years. She commenced with her entry Flashback, in addition she of course performed her 1996 Eurovision entry Ooh Aah…Just A Little Bit, which was greatly appreciated by the crowd, and then followed this with the song Fresh, the title track from her first album. As well as giving an impromptu interview on stage, she gave a reprise of her song for this year Flashback which received an even greater reception this time around.

On Monday 28th February, it was the turn of Katie Price (Jordan) to appear on the breakfast television show GMTV, where she performed a taped version of her songNot Just Anybody.

On Tuesday 1st March it was a busy night for Javine, as she made appearances at the nightclubs The Hippodrome and Ghetto. At the latter she performed two songs live, Real Things and of course her entry in the final Touch My Fire.

Afterwards the esctoday.com editors had a brief chance to chat with Javine about the forthcoming final. At first when the BBC approached her about the contest in January she was naturally hesitant, but once she realised that she would have some control over the choice of song, rather than being assigned a song, she was much more enthusiastic, and indeed is the co-composer of her entry. In fact she put four songs forward to the BBC for consideration for the contest.

The song is aimed at the European market, which is where Javine is looking to break into, although she has had some success already in her career in Japan. As to the running order on Saturday and being on first, she initially had wanted to be on later, thinking that this would improve her chances. However as she is also quite nervous and excited about the big night, she now thinks it will be good to get her performance over with early on, so she can relax and watch while the other await their turn. She has heard the songs of her fellow competitors, but has no idea as to which way the public will vote. Javine would love to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest, as she used to watch the programme when she was younger, although she confessed she hadn't seen it in the last few years, but has heard what a fantastic atmosphere there is to the event.

You can listen to the song of Javine Touch My Fire by visiting her offical website by clicking onto the link on the left hand side.

Also taking part in “Making Your Mind Up” are Andy Scott Lee with Guardian Angel and the group Tricolore singing Brand New Day.The programme will be broadcast in BBC1 at 17.45 on Saturday 5th March, and also via the internet, and will be presented by Terry Wogan and Natasha Kaplinsky. The winner will represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest final on 21st May in Kiev.

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