Martin Vucic for FYR Macedonia

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Martin Vucic has won the Macedonian national final and will represent his country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev with the song Ti si son. The final held tonight was hosted by Karolina Petkovska and Aneta Andonova in the Universal Hall of Skopje.

This was the running order for tonight's Macedonian national final:

1. Aleksandra Pileva – Ne (No)
2. Martin Vucic – Dali vredi? (Is it worth it?)
3. Aleksandra Pileva – Baknez za kraj (A kiss for goodbye)
4. Martin Vucic – Kolku bolka ostana (The painful feelings)
5. Aleksandra Pileva – Izvini (Sorry)
6. Martin Vucic – Ljubovna parada (Love parade)
7. Aleksandra Pileva – Sonce i mesecina (The sun and the moon)
8. Martin Vucic – Ti si son (You are a dream)

Tonight, the winner was selected by 3 juries: 33.33 % professional jury, 33.33 % televoting and 33.33% votes by the audience in the hall. The voting system included two rounds. After the first round the most popular song of both singers (song 7 and song 8) proceeded to a second voting round, with the following results:

1 – 24 points | Martin Vucic – Ti si son
=> 0 televote + 10 jury + 14 audience
2 – 14 points | Aleksandra Pileva – Sonce i mesecina
=> 12 televote + 2 jury + 0 audience

Although a big majority of the Macedonians twice showed their support by televoting for Aleksandra Pileva, the Macedonian voting system made Martin Vucic the winner. Martin Vucic will thus represent FYR Macedonia in the semifinal of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Ti si son.

Audio snippets of the eight paticipating songs can be heard on MKRTV's Eurovision Song Contest website by clicking here.

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