Esctoday.com interview with Aline Lahoud

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Aline Lahoud will be representing Lebanon at its first Eurovision Song Contest participation with a song written by Jad Rahbani. Esctoday.com had an interview with both of them…

How come Aline Lahoud will be representing Lebanon at the Eurovision Song Contest?

Jad: Well Aline has great talent and she represented Lebanon in Turkey and she had
great success. The participants in Megahit and the organizers were impressed by her
talent and very nice caractere and since she was holding the Fidof prize Tele Liban
and the commitee in Lebanon thought that she was the best placed to represent her country in his first entry to Eurovision.

What was your reaction when you were approached to represent Lebanon? Did you watch the Eurovision Song Contest before? Do you have any favourite songs, singers or memories?

Aline: When i knew i was going to represent my country in Eurovision, i felt
scared and happy as well.Eurovision is one of my biggest dreams.
I have surely watched this big contest before and i still remember when
Italy won in 1990, it was my favourite.

In December last year, Télé Liban suddenly announced to withdraw from a
participation. Can you explain what happened and how it all turned out well
in the end?

Jad: We are not the right people to answear this question i think Tele Liban
is better placed to answear and we don't really know what happened,but we are
happy that everything turned well and we are in.

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