Gina G: “I've been thinking about this for 3 years”

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Many former Eurovision Song Contest participants are trying to represent their country once again at the 50th Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. One of them is Gina G who finished 8th for the United Kingdom in 1996 with the song Ooh aah… just a little bit. On her official website Gina G comments her new attempt.

For about 3 years Gina G had been thinking about the concept of representing the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest again. Besides, fans agreeing she was robbed in 1996 kept pushing her to do it one more time. “I thought 'I wonder if the BBC would be interested?'” explains Gina G. “The amazing thing was, just as I was thinking about contacting them, they contacted me. I nearly fell over! They asked me to compete in Making Your Mind Up… now all I have to do is win it.

In Making Your Mind Up 2005 Gina G will compete with Andy Scott-Lee, Javine, Katie Price (Jordan) and Tricolore. “I haven't heard the other entries,” she says “But this year I have tough competition because the competitors are well known. The performance is crucial if Britain is to have a chance of winning Eurovision this year. If the public votes for the song and performance, then I think I've got a good chance.

And if Gina G still is passionate about the contest… “It's such a great thing that every year Europe unites for something really positive like music! It's become so ironic and has like a 'cultish' following. Another great thing about it is that it has moved with the times over the last few years and become up to date, and I think this has kept it alive. And of course the best thing about it is Terry Wogan.

The United Kingdom holds its national final Making Your Mind Up 2005 on 5th March.

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