Marian van de Wal reveals Eurovision plans

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While life continues in the hotel she is running with her husband, Andorran representative Marian van de Wal is preparing for the Eurovision Song Contest. On the agenda: new music, an english version and a video clip for her Eurovision song La mirada interior and an international promotion tour!

Happy with the selection of La mirada interior
We are very happy with the outcome of the national song selection show,” says Marian van de Wal to “Certainly because the result was so convincing. That was what I hoped for from the beginning, that one song would clearly win so we could be sure about the opinion of the majority of the people.” In the Andorran song selection show in which Marian sang three songs, La mirada interior obtained 7 of the 9 points awarded by televoting and a jury.

Nobody knows if this was the best song for the Eurovision Song Contest but there are four reasons why I am reall happy with the result. First of all I like the lyrics. It is the most challenging song to sing since there are so many different facets in it. The songwriter of La mirada interior is a real Eurovision fan and last but not least this song offers me the most possibilities,” explains Marian.

English version and video to be recorded
The team behind Marian van de Wal has many ideas in order to improve the song for the Eurovision Song Contest. “They have so many beautiful ideas,” she says. More instruments will be used to record the music and backing vocals will be added. “Without a doubt we will also record an English version of the song.” A version in Dutch, Marian's mother tongue, is not on the agenda.

Marian van de Wal will also be starring in a new video clip which will perfectly match the song La mirada interior. The scenario is not completely finished yet but the Andorran mountains seem to be the perfect location for the song.

International promotion tour
As of 14th February, Marian will be working on her act for Kiev with a professional choreographer. “We will work hard on creating a beautiful act with more dancers and charisma. Of course we do not have a budget as high as they most probably have in Spain or the Netherlands, but I am convinced that we can also make something beautiful by working very hard.

In order to promote the Andorran song for Kiev, Marian van de Wal will be travelling around in Europe with La mirada interior. A promotion tour has been scheduled for March and will most likely get her to the Nederlands, Belgium, Malta, Cyprus, Spain and France.

Marian van de Wal will represent Andorra in the semifinal of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, in which she will try to qualify Andorra for the final. “That is all I am still hoping for: reaching the final. But we don't need to have any illusions about that with so many countries participating,” concludes Marian van da Wall.

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