Marian van de Wal in the Dutch spotlight

by Sietse Bakker 185 views

While the critical comments on the first Dutch semifinal are mostly negative, media in the Netherlands have paid more and more positive attention to Marian van de Wal. With La mirada interior, Marian, originally Dutch, has been chosen to represent Andorra.

Several television programmes paid attention to Van de Wal, who's originally Dutch but nevertheless represents Andorra. “They terrorised us with the first semifinal, now let's quit the whole Dutch selection, and join Marian van de Wal and Andorra at the contest. At least she can sing”, glamour watcher Albert Verlinde (who is mostly critical towards the Dutch selection) said in the television programme RTL Boulevard.

Newspaper De Telegraaf paid attention to Marian van de Wal, and likely, there will be attention for her during the second Dutch semifinal, which takes place on Thursday. Later this week she will give a phone interview to Hans Schiffers, the male host of the Nationaal Songfestival 2005 and radio DJ, in his radio show Schiffers.FM.

In 2001, Dave Benton received a lot of attention from the Dutch press, he represented Estonia with Everybody, together with Tanel Padar. Benton, who was originally Aruban, won the contest in the end! Dutch critics are generally sceptic about the chances for the Netherlands this year, but overall more positive about Marian. But still, there is jury head Cornald Maas: “We only need one good song in the end”

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