Clear victory for Ani Lorak in Ukraine

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With Another little shot Ani Lorak has won the 11th semifinal of the Ukrainian national selections. The song however also breaks the EBU rules since it was publicly performed before 1st October 2004. Now, more than half of the Ukrainian songs that have qualified for the final are invalid and thus not able to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest. Earlier this week, Ukrainian broadcaster NTU reacted on the problem to esctoday.com.

These are the results of the 11th semifinal in Ukraine:

1 – 31.18% | Ani Lorak – Another little shot
2 – 20.10% | Aleksandr Nikoryak – Snega
3 – 17.40% | Elena Sinchuk – Ne obeshay
4 – 15.97% | Orkestr Yanki Kozir – Ya ne budu kavu pyla
5 – 15.35% | Kenzano – Osen

Another invalid song has thus qualified for the final and the problem the Ukrainian broadcaster NTU is facing is increasing every other week, certainly now Ukraine's biggest favourite for representing the country qualified with an invalid song too.

Last Wednesday we asked NTU for a reaction. “The situation regarding our national selection is indeed pretty intriguing.” admitted a spokeswoman of NTU. “In case we have a winner with a song released before 1st October 2004, he or she will have to select another song straightaway after our national final. We will definitely not let the person representing Ukraine be disqualified due to violation of the rules.

NTU is currently negotiating the possibility that semifinal winners breaking the 1st October rule can already perform a new song in the Ukrainian national final, but a final decision on the matter has not yet been taken. As soon as NTU shows up with a solution, esctoday.com will report about that.

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