Jovan Radomir's song in BH Eurosong 2005

by Alexander Borodin 149 views

Jovan Radomir, who works at Swedish broadcaster SVT has written one of the songs selected for the Bosnian final, BH Eurosong 2005. In an interview with, Radomir describes his song as one containing the Nordic pop and ABBA sound, finished with Bosnian feelings in the lyrics.

Jovan Radomir, who announced the Swedish votes last year in Istanbul, is living a busy life nowadays. Besides hosting Melodifestivalen on the internet, he has also written the lyrics of the song You�re gonna get what you deserve, that will compete in the final of BH Eurosong 2005 on 6th March.

Jovan promises the readers that the song is a classic Nordic pop 'schlager' with a very Swedish sound. The song will however also have a touch of Bosnian and Serb origins in it, since Jovan Radomir was born in former Yugoslavia.

Jovan has been working in the music industry for more than twelve years and has been working for Melodifestivalen for four years. “I have dreamt of writing songs since a very long time,” he tells Jovan has written the song together with Robin Rex, Anders Nyman, Jan Garthe and Maurizio Sorroni. Robin Rex also wrote this year's Melodifestivalen entry Roma.

We submitted three songs in Bosnia & Herzegovina, one of them was what they were looking for,” says Radomir. “The song is about a girl who has just been betrayed by her boyfriend. But it�s not a sad song! It�s a song with a singer-songwriter feeling. I want a girl with a guitar to sing it in the Bosnian final.” On Radomir's request, PBS BiH will now be looking for a suitable girl with a guitar to sing the song in the final of BH Eurosong 2005.

Furthermore Jovan Radomir also revealed that he has submitted one more song to a national final in Europe. Though, he cannot reveal the name of the country yet at this stage. “It�s fantastic that countries from all over Europe can come together like this with the help of music.” Jovan Radomir will also cover the Eurovision Song Contest for Swedish broadcaster SVT in Kiev and might get more than just one reason to go there.

On SVT's Melodifestivalen website, a video interview in English with Alannah Miles, one of the participants at Melodifestivalen 2005, is available now. Jovan Radomir knows that many people abroad are interested in Melodifestivalen and tries to do his best to serve their interests.

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