Malta: Fabrizio Faniello sings a ballad

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Fabrizio Faniello will sing the ballad Don't tell it in the final of Malta Song for Europe. The Maltese Eurovision Song Contest representative of 2001 is currently doing promotion in Sweden. Our partners of welcomed him in Sweden and asked him about his Maltese plans.

Fabrizio Faniello had been selected for Malta Song for Europe 2005 with two songs: Don't tell it and Once again. Since a singer can only perform one song in the final of Malta Song for Europe, Fabrizio has to perform the ballad Don't tell it, which obtained the highest points in the sub-final organised on 8th January.

About his song Fabrizio says “it actually is a ballad, a bit different from the pop and latino songs I did before. That's why I'm looking forward to this year's Maltese selections. Both because I'm doing something new, but also because if I win and get to represent Malta, it could prove to be an advantage to be more known around Europe since there is televoting.

The rules of Maltasong forced Fabrizio to sing the ballad, not exactly the genre of song that wins the Eurovision Song Contest lately. “I'm aware of that,” says Fabrizio “ballads have a hard time nowadays to win the Eurovision Song Contest. It feels good though that 'Don't tell it' is a song that is strong as of the beginning.

Fabrizio is not completely against the participation of foreign composers in this year's Malta Song for Europe. “I have nothing against the foreign composers in our selections, but we should only allow composers from countries where Maltese composers are allowed to submit songs too. We will see if the rules will be changed. I believe further discussions concerning this topic will take place in Malta later this year. The rules currently allow foreign composers and we will have to follow these rules and accept them.” A foreign composer winning the Maltese selections would neither work on Fabrizio's nerves. “Since there is televoting, it simply means that the Maltese TV audience liked that entry the most.

Even if he doesn't win the Maltese final, Fabrizio still might go to Kiev if one of his close friends wins. “I love the Eurovision Song Contest, and it's surely best seen live. Still, it's more fun when you can represent your country yourself.

Later today, the final list of 22 songs for Malta Song for Europe 2005 will be announced.

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