Cheezy Keys first Norwegian finalist

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The group Cheezy Keys has been selected for Melodi Grand Prix 2005, the Norwegian national final. The comedy group that caused a lot of commotion with their interval act in Melodi Grand Prix 2003 is one of the 8 finalists invited by NRK.

As we announced several months ago, the Norwegian selections for the Eurovision Song Contest are no longer an open competition. Norwegian broadcaster NRK has invited 8 artists to perform in Melodi Grand Pix 2005. Today, can exclusively announce you that Cheezy Keys is one of them.

Cheezy Keys consists of Kim Hagen, Anders Kjepperud, Hans Petter Moen, Kjærand Moe and Mads Rogde. The group is known for their acapella performances in combination with a lot of humour and was on stage of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Pix before.

In 2003 Cheesy Keys saw for the interval act which caused a lot of commotion. Cheesy Keys, who were supposed to give old Norwegian Eurovision entries a “Latvian touch” by using national costumes, instruments and language however took their cultural inspiration from Russia, which upset the Latvian community.

Some days after the incident, Cheezy Keys and Head of NRK John G. Bernander apologized for what had happened. Even the Norwegian ambassador in Riga apologized to Latvia's president, Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

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