Malta: 50 songs left in the running

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Our correspondents in Malta have forwarded us the list with 50 songs proceding to the second round of the Malta Song for Europe 2005 selections. After being judged in the second round of the selections, in which the songs will have to be performed live for a jury behind closed doors, 22 songs will be reaching the proper festival.

According to our (not yet officially confirmed) information, some Eurovision Song Contest related singers and songwriters have proceded to the last 50. Among them Chiara, who finished third at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998 with The one that I love. One of the songs submitted by Chiara this year is Angel.

Fabrizio Faniello, who represented Malta in 2001 with Another summernight, takes part again too and also foreign composer Ralph Siegel survived the first selections for Malta Song for Europe 2005.

These are the 50 songs that are still in the running.

1. Sunshine in your eyes
2. The angels are tired
3. Goodbye boy
4. We could be 1
5. Why don't you
6. One more try
7. May day
8. We had it all
9. Through your eyes
10. Stronger
11. It's up to you
12. Don't tell it
13. Stand your ground
14. The sky is the limit
15. Down with me
16. He
17. Southern dream
18. Love in the Sahara
19. We can do better
20. Holding me down
21. Once again
22. Love is the reason
23. We truly know
24. Don't stop the party
25. Time to fall in love again
26. Deja Vu
27. Forgive me forget
28. Play on
29. Together
30. Sail away
31. Fallen angel
32. Put your faith in me
33. Second chance
34. Angel
35. Appreciate
36. One life
37. Words of love
38. Spare a moment
39. Love unconditional
40. Don't play games
41. Days will come
42. Emotions
43. You
44. Far away
45. Rhythm of my heart
46. There for you
47. Come sail away
48. Luciano Pavarotti
49. Addio ciao
50. I wanna fall in love

On 8th January 2005, the Maltasong Board will announce the 22 songs proceding to the Malta Song for Europe festival, which will be held on 18th and 19th February 2005. 100% televoting will decide the Maltese representative for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest.

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