Ruslana addresses stars in letter

by Sietse Bakker 60 views

In a letter, Ruslana addressed the stars of Eurovision Song Contest and World Music Awards to support the democratic process in Ukraine.

Ruslana sent a letter to the community of music stars who took part in the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as a letter to the music stars of World Music Awards, asking them to keep an open eye on the crisis that is unfolding in Ukraine now and support the Ukrainian democratic movement.

“What is happening in Ukraine is not only important for the future of my country and my people. It is also important for establishing the democratic standards as a norm of the social, political and economic life in all of the post-Soviet countries. Recently Mikhail Gorbachev, the former President and dismantler of the Soviet Union, said that the current events in Ukraine can be compared to the breakdown of the Berlin Wall in Germany. Indeed, now in Ukraine the modern history of Europe is made and it is influencing the whole political situation in the world”, the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest winner writes.

Ruslana points out that the election fraud has been registered by the OSCE: “The examples of election fraud were officially registered in the OSCE election report. The results of the elections were not recognized by the EU, USA and other democratic countries of the world. The blatant violation of people's right to vote drove hundreds of thousands of protesters to the streets in very cold temperatures, almost -10 C, and they have been protesting there for 10 days in a row”.

The threat of a slip-up between the eastern and western parts of the country also worries Ruslana and her team. “If we are not together then it is not my country”, Ruslana pointed out.

“I would also like to address the singers who shared the stage of Eurovision and World Music Awards with me asking them to take an active stand regarding the events in Ukraine and voice their support for the democratic movement in Ukraine in any form (personal statements on TV, web announcements, special performances etc). This is something that we desperately need at this moment”, she writes.

The Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group meets in Kiev this weekend to discuss the political crisis and the way it affects the organisation of the 2005 contest. Although it's assumed that the Reference Group will talk about the current situation in Ukraine, it's unknown if they will discuss the possibility of moving the contest to another location.

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