Promise for Ukraine

by Julia Ostromogilska 106 views

This week The Greenroom invited our new Ukranian editor, Julia Ostromogilska, to write and convey her feelings about the contest; what it means to her as a Ukranian, to the people of her homeland and for Ukraine as a nation in Europe. From the old folk legend her Grandmother used to tell her about the promised girl, to Ruslana who brought great promise. It's now Ukraine's turn to shine in the spotlight as all attentions turn to this magical kingdom. Many wait with baited breath for this new nation in Eurovision to host the 50th Eurovision Song Contest.

There is an old legend, which my Grandma used to tell me. Once upon a time God gathered children of all nations to make them different presents so that they could bring them back to their native countries and, thus, make them known for their talent. When all gifts were given away, God noticed a little girl in an embroidered shirt and a flower diadem. She was sitting in a corner and was the only one left without a present. After thinking for some time, God came up to her and told her that he would give her a beautiful voice so that the girl’s singing could bring mirth and happiness to her native Ukraine… Later on my Granny told me about the times when she was young and when there were no discos, no clubs, no cinemas, their favorite entertainment was to gather every Sunday in the street in little groups and sing national songs in many voices. As the time was passing by, these traditions faded in the course of everyday life, but the tunes of the ancient songs and the voice of Ukraine remained prominent and people went on to realize it through other means and forms.

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