A High time for composers

by Gordon Roxburgh 57 views

The two songwriters of this years' Norwegian entry, Thomas Tornholm and Lars Andersson came under the spotlight at the second press conference for Norway this afternoon. The pair had previously composed for Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Had there been any differences in their experiences of either countries finals? They were surprised by the support they had received in Norway, they had thought that the audience might be negative, because they were Swedish! The songwriters further went onto say that they will hopefully compose for Norway again.

So, was there any plans to release a Norwegian version of the song? “No…I don't think so”, when pressed further as to why not: “because we don't have a Norwegian version!”

On the subject of the language, was there any possibility that Norway might enter a song in the Norwegian language in the near future? “The option is always there for whatever language to sing in, if the lyrics are good then the audience will vote for it. We have no rules, it is a free choice as in the Eurovision Song Contest”.

A rather different question was posed when a Turkish journalist asked if there was anything singer Knut Anders Sorum would change about Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest history? After some though he replied “Yes…I would change our zero points!”

The more usual question of whether he had received advice from previous Norwegian artists was asked. He had spoken a week ago to Jostein Hasselgard, last years' entrant and he has also sung with Elisabeth Andreasson who has competed several times for Norway. They had given him tips, but he declined to say what that was. He also admitted that last years' song was probably his favourite Norwegian entry.

Had the Eurovision Song Contest been planned or had it just happened? “It happened, I was approached by NRK, so I asked to hear the song, and when I did, I said yes!”

Talking of songs, was there any particular cover versions he would like to do? He amusingly replied the Britney Spears' song Hit me baby, one more time, but admitted that something perhaps by Stevie Wonder.

So, what was the difference between recording a single, a concert and competing in a song competition? “A concert is work, work, but in a contest it is only three minutes, one song, so you can make it totally perfect”. He had sung with his own band Expect for the past ten years, but he had no plans to tour with the band following the Eurovision Song Contest.

As to his hobby of photography, he said that he wanted to take photographs of the Blue Mosque while in Istanbul, and a museum as well he was interested in.

Norway participates in the final on 15th May.

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