Ruslana advocates tolerance gay movement Ukraine

by Sietse Bakker 278 views

In the framework of Ruslana's preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest, her managers have been in contact with the organizers of the EU-backed International Summer Camp for Young Homosexuals in the Netherlands.

They invited her to come to the camp in August and give a concert there. She has accepted this kind invitation. However, after this became known to the Ukrainian mass media, a wave of fierce criticism fell on Ruslana for promoting tolerance to the gay movement.

Ruslana reacted to this in the following manner: “It is sad to see that people in Ukraine, a nation that aspires to be a part of European Union, do not have a basic tolerance toward homosexual people. Regarding the invitation that I obtained from the summer camp in the Netherlands, I think it is really important that the idea of this summer camp has been supported by the European Union, which already advocates tolerance toward gay people on the official level. So my compatriots should learn how to accept gay people, as well as how to treat them fairly and eradicate any forms of discrimination”.

Despite the criticism, Ruslana indeed intends to visit the summer camp and give her concert there

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