Food fight at the Austrian press conference

by Gordon Roxburgh 98 views

The first press conference of the Austrian group Tie Break, who perform Du bist, was one of the shortest so far, but probably the most amusing as there was a food fight amongst the group, with sweets flying around the stage.

The press conference had started in a more dignified manner, when the three members of the group, Stefan di Bernardo, Tommy Pegram & Thomas Elzenbaumer went round the journalists presenting them with ties.

The name Tie Break came originally from the tennis term, when it is a close result to determine a winner. The group declared that “We are here to win! and added that they are very proud to represent Austria. They had also received very positive comments from the Turkish community within Austria.

The three boys in the group met a year ago, and decided to get together to compete in the Austrian selection final Song.null.vier

The composer of the song, Peter Zimmermann is also a confectioner, and as a present had brought boxes of sweet cakes for the journalists who asked questions during the conference. There wasn't many questions asked before the group members decided to start eating the cakes as well, when there was a comment that Stefan was always eating, he took his revenge by stuffing a cake into the mouth of his manager. From then on the cakes started to fly around in a good humoured manner, all over their faces, their hair and clothes. The group will need to shower after the press conference!

However they brought the conference to a more dignified conclusion by once again performing Du bist – despite the mess they were in.

Austria participates in the final contest on 15th May.

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