Zeljko Joksimovic: “I want people to cry”

by Gordon Roxburgh 193 views

At the second press conference of Serbia & Montenegro held last night, when questioned by one journalist that the song sound sad and emotional, and that he felt like crying, singer Zeljko Joksimovic admitted that this was what he wanted to achieve when performing Lane Moje

The press conference had started with some comments by Head of Delegation, Aleksandra Rogeyic. He said that they wish to enjoy the atmosphere, in amongst such high quality songs, and that this is a comeback to the European music scene after such a long time. He congratulated the organisers, the technical and production team, the staging, the lighting, sound and design.

In fact they had received loads of positive messages, phone calls and e mails from across all of Europe, and read out one particular favourite e mail from Sweden.

They admiited that there had been some slight changes to the song in relation to the presentation, this version is for the television audience, and is the product for six people on stage. He went onto describe the melody as being “hypnotic.

Had there been any second thoughts about singing in Serbian or English? “It doesn't matter…emotion is more important than language,” he added.

Asked if the song was dedicated to anyone special? He said that it was, and that it was deeply emotional for somebody, but when pressed further he wouldn't say for whom, but that maybe one day he will reveal the secret!

Serbia & Montenegro participate in the qualifying round on 12th May.

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