The fight for the gadgets and the merchandising!

by Sietse Bakker 254 views

Several Eurovision Song Contest related websites already noticed, like our colleagues from Some people seem to be here only for the free CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, cards, posters and other gadgets the delegations give away to the fans and press to promote their song and performer… as usual!

During the first press conference of Serbia & Montenegro, a limited edition DVD was presented, especially for the press and fans. Some people grabbed a copy like their it's their live they're fighting for. During the second press conference, today, the Head of Delegation promised more DVD's, saying that “there is a copy for everyone, just stay calm and follow a cue”, in an attempt to avoid a second run.

There is a so-called pigeon hole for every accreditated person, which is being used as a mail box. Highlights from all press conferences are being provided by TRT and delegations spread their invitations and press releases through the pigeon holes. The commentators of the participating countries were unpleasantly surprised when they discovered there were no pigeon holes for them, but TRT responded quickly and now they also have one!

A t-shirt, pens and a DVD from Serbia & Montenegro, a press bag from Ukraine, the complete EMA 2004 CD from Slovenia, Deen's album and a lot more. And probably, a lot more will come. Let's hope for a peacefull distribution.

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