Same choreographer for Athena and Madonna

by Itamar Barak 235 views

Seçil Atan, who is the manager of the home entry, Turkey, gave an exclusive interview to, revealing that a choreographer how works with Madonna, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, will be directing the band on stage.

Selatin Kara, a Turkish choreographer living in the USA who works with artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, has been working with Athena (picture) in the past weeks and will be directing them on stage for next week's contest. 'Although this is a punk band which is using instruments on stage, we are planning something special and unique for our stage performance”, Seçil Atan said to

“It is true Athena's musical style is different from what we usually hear in Eurovision, but the band decided to participate in the contest in order to try and do something else, to have a different experience”. When asked wether the band would have gone to Eurovision even if Sertab would'nt have won last year, Atan replied: “of course. Our participation in the contest has nothing to do with last year's victory”.

Seçil Atan also told us that Athena are very pleased with the selection of For real out of the 3 songs which were up for selection. “We will soon release a maxi-single with For real and the other songs from the pre-selection. The first edition will be out on May 17th, firstly in Germany”, Seçil Atan.

As the winner of last year's contest and this year's host, Turkey is of course an automatic qualifier to the final.

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