Deen: “Music is indeed what I want”

by Itamar Barak 53 views

The Bosnian entrant Deen just finished his first day of rehearsals with a very 'happy' press conference.

Bosnia & Herzegovina's Deen had his first round of rehearsals on stage. During his act on stage today, Deen wore a bright pink suite, with his jacket wide, only to reveale there's nothing under it. Some of the spectators inside the venue did not like this outfit and stage performance. Roy from Israel said: “The stage itself looks wondeful during this song, but I am afraid the act itself looks a bit cheap”. Nuno from Portugal thought just the opposite: “The stage looks great, the performance and choreography is very proffesional”.

Deen's press conference started with a very happy note. The singer and his backing vocals approached the audience and danced along with the croud as In the disco was being played. “Music is my biggest love. Music is really what I want and what I need”. Deen participated three times in the Bosnian final. When asked about it and his affection with the Eurovision Song Contest he said: “I love the contest, I have been watching it since I was 6 years old I have always wanted to represent my country in the contest”.

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