Serbia & Montenegro awaited right song to return

by Gordon Roxburgh 176 views

Why so long in returning to the Eurovision Song Contest was the first topic raised at the press conference of Serbia & Montenegro, and the reply was they wanted to have the right song, and not come back with the wrong song for the competition. That song is Lane Moje sung by Zeljko Joksimovic & Ad Hoc Orkestra.

Zeljko Jokisimovic is also the composer of this the first Serbia & Montenegro entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, which is ranked among the favourites according to some, when asked how he felt about this he replied “I am happy to be here, this is very important and unique to be together and I hope the best song wins, andI am here to enjoy the competition”.

There had been allegations of plagiarism, and the delegation were asked what their reaction was to that? As far as they are concerned good songs always appears to attract scandal, but unless there is any proof, as far as they were concerned the matter is now history.

On the subject of the video used as the preview, they felt that it got the message across, that being ethnic was they key to the song. There is also an English version recorded of the song written. Indeed he has connections with a Polish record company, so he has already started to expand already into a wider market.

Serbia & Montenegro participates in the qualifying round on 12th May.

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