Deen and Re-union rehearsed

by Sietse Bakker 54 views

Bosnia & Herzegovina and The Netherlands rehearsed, which means that all countries participating to the qualifier round of the Eurovision Song Contest, which takes place on 12th May.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: in the disco!
Currently, the Bosnian delegation is planning a party on Saturday. They already gave a small preview today on the stage and it seems that the guys of lighting company Spectra+ were partying along! The background stage effect were pretty cool and suits the song very well.

The Netherlands: same setting as during national final
The Dutch delegation decided to use the same setting as during the Dutch national final. The Re-union guys, Paul and Fabrizio, had a relaxed afternoon during the Bosporus boat trip – we will report later on that – and now it was time to work!

:: A gallery of the Dutch rehearsal here!

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