OGAE Israel: Sweden the favourite of 2004

by Itamar Barak 57 views

The Israeli branch of OGAE gathered tonight to vote for this year's Eurovision Song Contest's entries. The voting was done according to the new format of the real contest.

About 40 members of Israel's OGAE gathered tonight in the city of Ramat-Gan to vote for this year's entries. All members were requested to prapare beforehand an individual voting for the semi-final. After counting the votes, the countries that were left out of the final were (according to their final position in the qualifying round, starting from the 11th place ending with the 22nd): Andorra, Finland, FYR Macedonia, Netherlands, Albania, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Monaco, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Portugal and Switzerland.

After watching a recap of the 10 qualifying countries along with the automatic qualifiers, the night resulted as follows:
1. Sweden-185 pts.
2. France-130 pts.
3. Israel-123 pts.
4. Serbia & Montenegro- 114 pts.
5. Spain-109 pts.
6. Belgium-102 pts.
7. Ukraine-100 pts.
8. Cyprus-96 pts.
9. Iceland-83 pts.
10.Denmark-74 pts.
11.Russia-62 pts.
12.Turkey-61 pts.
13.Ireland-56 pts.
14.Norway-55 pts.
15.Greece-46 pts.
16.Estonia-43 pts.
17.Malta-41 pts.
18.Poland-40 pts.
19.United Kingdom-26 pts.
20.Romania-20 pts.
21.Croatia-19 pts.
22.Germany-13 pts.
23.Belarus-13 pts.
24.Austria-13 pts.

During this meeting Israel's entry to the OGAE's Second Chance contest was selected: Freedom, which was one of David D'Or's entries in his private pre-selection show.

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